If you want to export the expenses to include them in your accounting program, you can make the selection in the overview with all reports and then click on "export". You have a number of export options. If Declaree has set up an automatic link with your accounting program for you, you can also manage this link separately.

Choose the right period

Usually, you want to process an export of all approved expense reports per month to process them in the accounts. The easiest way to do this is to select the period of the previous month in the left-hand menu and then all the reports.

Select all reports from a period

You select all reports by clicking the top checkbox next to the "Status" label. Now all the expenses you see on the page are selected. If more expenses have been submitted during this period than visible on the page, then click on the link “Select All Results” to automatically select the issues on the following pages.


If all the reports you want to export have been selected, you can click on "Export." Now you will see a number of options: You will see your own “export formats” and the standard export options of CSV (Excel) In the section “export formats” you can read about how to put together your own export format.

Generating a PDF file can take some time if you have selected many expenses. If you choose CSV (Excel) or one of your own export formats, you will be offered a download in the selected format. You can then import this file into your accounting program.

Assign the status “closed”

After you have exported the expenses and imported them into your accounting program, you can mark the status of the exported expense reports as “closed”. This is an indication to the submitter and approver of the report that processing is complete. All exported reports are given a status of "closed," which indicates to the employee that the payment will be processed.