Report status

The expense reports are submitted to the respective manager or administrator, depending on how the workflow is defined within the organization. There are different status which a report can adopt.


A report is marked as “open”, if it was not submitted yet. All expenses for a certain timeframe will be collected first before the report is submitted. When the end of a timeframe is reached, the report has to be sent.


When a report with expenses was submitted, it will be displayed with the status “submitted” The person to whom the report was sent was notified by e-mail.


When a report has the status “Processing”, it means that the expense management workflow is in process. For example it can be the case that after the so called four-eyes-principle that at least two supervisors have to approve the expense report. As soon as the first manager processed the report, it will be marked as “Processing”.

Approved / rejected

When a report was finally approved, it will be marked as “approved”. Naturally there might be some issues with the report and therefore it can be rejected. This usually means that one or more expenses have to be adjusted. The reason why the report is rejected can be stated in the comments.


As soon as an approved report was processed from the administrator, is will be marked with the status “closed”. Depending on how the processing is defined in your organization, this status will be assigned or not. In most of the cases, the reimbursement will be considered by the financial administration in the next salary pay or through a direct payment, when a report has the status “closed”.