Categories and projects

It is possible for your organization to manage categories, projects and payment methods. When you start using Declaree, there are already some standard options. You can customize these and manage specific settings. For example, it is possible to assign a category to a particular general ledger account, and for a project it is possible to distinguish between cost centers. This allows you to easily create links when exporting to the accounting department.

Correct classification for the cost accounting

You can specify for each category how you want to classify them for cost accounting. Note: This can be activated for an administrator and must be arranged in accordance with payroll accounting to ensure proper classification.

Assign projects to specific groups

Projects can be assigned to specific groups. In this way, you can ensure that users always allocate their costs to a specific project in which these costs are actually incurred. The assignment of projects to specific groups is done as follows:

Under Admin »Costcenters you get an overview of the currently active projects. You can see whether the project is available for all groups or only for one or a few groups in the “Groups” column. To change this, click on the Edit button and select "Edit". You will see the characteristics of the project. Now activate the option “Only for specific groups”. On your screen you will now see all the groups from which you can choose which one to assign the project to. When you're done selecting, click "Back" and then "Save." From now on, the project will only be available to the groups you have assigned.