The process

As the admin of Declaree, you are also the head of the expense management process. That means that you should be first informed about how the process works. In the following, you will find a short description about it.

Adding the expenses and placement in reports

  1. The employee adds expenses and their receipts digitally
    This can be carried out through the web application or through the Declaree app.

  2. The employee adds expenses to a report
    Right after the entry, employees can add expenses to a report. If the employee doesn’t already have a report to assign the expense to, he can also create the report directly.

  3. The employee submits his report to his supervisor
    By default, the person to whom the report is sent to is determined. However, if he wants to submit the report to another person, this is also possible.

Approval of the reimbursement

  1. The manager receives a notification that a new report has been submitted
    Via e-mail the manager receives, depending on the preferred settings, a notification that a report has been submitted. With one click, you can access the web application directly from the e-mail.

  2. Manager checks the expenses of the report and approves the report
    A Manager can approve and reject. It is also possible to add a comment.

  3. Optional transfer
    If the manager is not an administrator, the report has to be sent to the administrator for the final approval. If desired, several user can be integrated into the process.

Processing of approved expenses

  1. Download / Export of expense reports
    After a report was approved, the administrator (or manager) can download all the approved expenses and / or directly export to the bookkeeping or the compensation package.

  2. Change the status of the report to “closed”
    After the report has been processed, it can be set to “closed” within Declaree. Consequently, everyone can review which approved reports were processed and which not.