Add compensations

If your company calculates compensations based on time or effort, this can be reimbursed. Some examples of compensations are advice on an hourly rate, a fixed participation fee or the fulfillment of a paid service. Under Admin ┬╗Advanced┬╗ Compensations you can add compensations.

First, give the compensation a recognizable name, for example: "Participation Fee Sales" or "Voluntary Hours". Then you can set the compensation rate per unit (minutes, hours, half days, days and times). This makes the compensations very flexible. You can also set for compensations which fields are visible to an employee and how the fields are defined. For example, it is possible to link a fixed category and a project with a compensation.

Certain requirements may also apply to compensations. For example, it may be necessary for the applicant to enter a description, a document, a category and / or a project.

If an employee submits a compensation in which a required field is not filled in, a warning will be displayed stating that the field must be completed.

Furthermore, it is also possible to assign compensations to specific groups. These groups can be selected bottom right. For more information about groups, see Group and Role Administration.