There are specific settings for your business that you can manage yourself. You can find these settings under "Admin" ┬╗Advanced┬╗ Settings. Here you can make the following settings:


In the general settings, you can select the default currency used by your organization. Once you have registered a new organization, it must be set: By default, it is set to Euro. When a foreign currency expense is submitted, it is automatically converted to the default currency.

It can also be stated which descriptions are mandatory when entering expenses.

Finally, in the general settings, you can determine whether it is possible for employees to submit reports to a different person, or whether it is always set.


You can specify for your organization on what basis notifications should be sent. You can for example set that employees should be reminded to submit their expenses every 20th day of the month and managers every 28th of the month to approve the expense reports.

Automatic Reporting

Here you can specify whether automatic reports should be created after a certain period of time. If so, provide more specific information about the time of report generation.