Approve expenses

As manager or administrator you will be very likely responsible for approving submitted expense reports or rejecting them. As soon as a expense report was submitted, the responsible manager will be notified via e-mail. From here the employee can directly access the web application to approve the reports with the bundled expenses.

Approve, transfer and process

Go to the reports overview. On this tab you only see the expense reports which are relevant for you, that means your own reports or the reports which are waiting for your approval. You can filter here through the search filter top right.

Click on the report to open it and you immediately see an overview of all expenses in the report, a summary of the total costs and if certain expenses are not accepted according to the regulations for expenses. You can check every receipt individually or display any amount of expenses randomly. In the left menu you can determine if you want to approve or reject the report. It is also possible to remove a single expense from the report. This will be notified to the employee and you therefore you should add a comment. You can also adjust a single expense.

If you approve a report, you can forward the report to another person in the expense management workflow. If you possess administrator rights, you can approve the report finally. The administrator is therefore always the last person in the expense management workflow.

After a report was approved, it can be marked as “closed”. This is only a status which makes it clear for the employee that the approved report was processed and that the expenses will be reimbursed. This will be usually assigned to a report after the export. For further information see the section Export.

Add a comment

You can add a comment when you approve as well as reject a report. This is not obligatory, but can be clarifying for the employee or the next person in the workflow. For example it can happen that employees had a high one-time expense and that this was approved from you for a certain reason, which you can specify in the comment field.