Enter new expenses

Employees can enter new expenses through the web application as well as through the mobile app. To add a new expense, the user can click on the button “Add expense”. By default this entry is related to the scan of a receipt, but also a mileage can be entered.

Entering a regular expense

When an user enters a new receipt, it can be a picture (JPG, PNG etc.) as well as a pdf document. Additionally, a few more information has to be provided like the description of the expense, the amount and the date. Depending on the information your organization requires, VAT, categories, projects and eventually the payment methods can be entered too. As described in the process, all expenses will be submitted as a bundle in the form of expense reports. Therefore, the right report can be assigned directly when a new expense is added. If there is no report yet, a new report can be also created.

When the description is completely filled in and it is clicked on “save”, the expense will be shown on the main screen. If the expense was directly placed in a report, the expense will be shown in the respective report.

Entering a mileage expense

When a mileage expense is added, the description has to be entered same as a regular expense. For example “Visit customer X”. The expense amount will be automatically calculated based on the mileage determined by your organization (By default 0, 19 Cent per Kilometer) and the entered distance. Based on the entry of the start and arrival address, the distance will be calculated automatically. Depending on the settings of the administration, it is possible to adjust the distance in kilometers afterwards. If an additional address shall be added (e.g. if one drives to the meeting via another place), it can be clicked on “Add”. The address will then be added to the route. In the map which is displayed, the route can be instantly reviewed. It is also possible to check the return trip, if the same route was used.

Entering a compensation

Depending on the required entry fields of your organization, a description, a number, a tariff, a VAT rate, a category and a project can be selected. Before the compensation can be saved, the entry will be checked. If for example a description is missing, this will be notified. The same as with a regular expense or a mileage, a report can be directly assigned to a compensation. If the compensation was placed in a report, this will be shown in the respective report.